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Yaesu FT-710AESS, where does it fit and whats the price?

The questions are coming in fast and furious with the overwhelming desire to know:

"Where does this radio fit in to the range?"

"Why would I buy this over a DX-10?"

"Whats the price?"

Firstly it doesn’t fit in the range, why does it need to?

We all should be aware of the vast shortage of components right now, with the cost of the most popular parts going through the roof. It makes sense that manufacturers are re-thinking models. The FT-710 has the same FT-991A chassis and at least the same key elements as the FT-DX-10 in the receiver and probably some component substitutions over the previous models, net result is a more efficient production and improved resource management.

Keeping a line up fresh and the price under control is surely what we all want?

I for one am very happy that yaesu push out a radio nearly every year, same as Icom seems to have done with great radios including the 705 and ID52, Kenwood have a longer shelf life and tend to bring out something about every decade, I know there is something in the pipeline, its way past due..

"Why would I buy this over a DX-10?"

probably because it fits your need for a slightly cheaper, smaller radio with perhaps newer technology incorporated in its design.

As for cost? There has been nothing said regards price, it will be what it will be! time will tell. When your dealer says "we have no price yet" they really have no idea of the cost, yaesu have not said a thing!



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