I spent much of my childhood around electronics, mainly repairing old valve radios from the dump. My pal and I would listen to Capital radio every saturday night, it’s hard to beat the sound of a vintage valve radio even now.. 

I did intend to work as an electrician, however somehow found a job as an apprentice Blacksmith, a job I really loved and to this day (some 37 years later can still be found lighting a forge in strange places) 

It was 2001 when I met a girl who stretched my confidence enough to realise much much more.. So I took to college where I studied 3D Design, Electrics, and Health and Safety, I love learning and have much more to do..

These days I work in IT as a support manager providing technical support to a diverse community of radio hams, its very varied, never a dull day!

However I remain a creative soul, these days I video and create content for use on social media its great fun however soaks up many hours of my time.

keep creative.. Gaz